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45th Reunion - 2009



High School Tour

October 9, 2009


Laura Sunder Proudly Displays Her Keepsake



 Claire Mercer and Gayle Barker



 Bill Dickinson and the Mob




  Howie Behnke and Jeff Perry



 Laura Sunder and Teddy Bear Tindale



 John Kozen and Eugenia Diaz





 Nancy Pollitt and Kenny Tashian




 Kevin Millar, Bob Preyss and Gayle Barker



 Bill Dickinson and John Kozen



 Rogues Gallery  





   John Kozen and Claire 




 Laura, and Tina and Rich Grefrath 




 Lou Bivona and Bob Probst



 Walt Talarek and Howie


 Crowd Shots



 Kozen and Tindale



 Kevin Sabella



 Captain Kostura and Sol Glastein (Linda Eisner's date) 




   Nancy and Eugenia




  Mala, Mickie See and Sol on Stage



 More Rogue Shots



  Tashian and Jeff Perry 



  Lou Bivona and Bob Probst




Friday Night Cocktail Party

October 8, 2009




Jack Graham, Bob Kostura, Charlie Hlawatsch and Chuck Reid






Phil Sheridan, Bob Preyss and Bob Probst




Phil, Mickie and Bob




Gil and Nancy (Pollitt)




Lou Bivona, Al Kuebler (class of '63), Kathy Edwards and Pepe Rodriquez (class of '63)




Lou Bivona and Howie - Friends Forever!




Bob Chard, Mickie see and Ira Goldberg (#76 - a true Spartan!)




Bill "Flash" and Joe Ann Dickinson (Beauty and the Beast)

How Did He Get Her?




Tashian, Kuebler and Rodriquez

Varsity Wrestling Teammates - 1963




Terry Jaffie and Bill Dickinson




Kevin Millar




Sherrie Britcher and Tashian






The Main Event

October 10, 2009





Kenny Getting Crowned





Betsy and Nancy Chard




Lorna and Rich "Tiger" Petouvis




Linda and Frank Sepulveres




Nancy Pollitt and Judith Jaffa




Kathy Edwards, Gayle Barker and Wild Carol Meyer




Jan Nuesslein and Phil "Mr. President" Fontana




Sol Glastein, Debbie and Bob Reidel




Candy Heimlich and Barbara Blau





Ron Cheslock, Candy, and Howie Behnke




Jack Maltagliati




Marti Sender and Mary Zampieri





Mickie See and Marti Sender

Friends Again




Betsy and Richie and Mary Kuiters




Andy Dunn and Bob Reidel (Class of '63)





Howie Behnke and Ronni Prezalar




Carol Compton and Jan Nuesslein




Charley Hlawatsch and Jay Lipper




Dave Wollenberg and Micki See




Bob Chard and Eugenia Diaz




Joanne Bombace and Jimmy George





Ray Stolte and Dave Wollenberg









John Kozen, Ruth Ann Hascup and Carol Meyer




Andy Dunn and Ira Goldberg




 Rich Kuiter, Jerry "The Maja" Jurkpfsky, and Dave Wollenberg 




Terry Jaffie




Barbara Blau, Marti Sender, and Mary Zampieri




Rich Tancredi




People Mingling...malingering




 Al Delauro and Rich Grefrath




Denise Flynn and Rich Grefrath




 Rich Kuiters and Rich Grefrath





Janet Kalin and Ruth Ann Hascup




 Al Gunderson and Rich








Sunday Brunch

October 11, 2009





Jeff Runz, Bob Preyss and Bob Probst




Barbara Weigner, Bob Chard, and Bob Kostura




Bob Chard and Ronni Prezalar




Captain Kostura and Kevin Millar




Bob Probst and Joe Kutniewski




Charlie Hlawatsch and Tashian




Howie and Collette Kirker




Michele See and Jeannie Thompson




Wayne "Teddy Bear" Tindale and Jack Maltigliati




The Two Bobs




Barbara Weigner




Kevin Millar




Al Gunderson




Bob Preyss, Bob Probst, and the New and Skinny Joe Kutniewski




Barbara and Ronni




Ronni, Jeannie and Micki




Al DeLauro Said Something Funny?




Jeff Runz, Captain Kostura, and Tashian




Carol Meyer, Bill Dickinson, and Terry Jaffie




Sherrie Britcher, and Rich and Tina Grefrath




Roz and Charlie Mala




Pops Tashian




Terry Jaffie and Judith Jaffa