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In Memory

Doris Boses







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10/07/09 10:27 PM #1    

Laura Sunder (Ballone)

Bubbles...my dear friend. We shared so many adventures, laughs and secrets. After school walks to the Garden State Plaza where we would buy and eat an entire cake. Running across Rt. 17 to Maneros when I dropped my purse and a policeman happening by stopped all the traffic and made us pick up all the flattened contents.
But under all the laughter, Dor always had a feeling she would not live into adulthood. Our freshman year of college she was diagnosed with a usually terminal illness, though no one but her parents were told at the time. She survived, but it left her paralyzed from the waist down. She was told she would never have children or ever walk again. As a testament to her strength and joy of spirit she received three marriage proposals while in this condition. She married John Ruhren of Fair Lawn and they moved to Riverside, California. With a pool and an aviary in the backyard and a Harley in the garage, John was never too busy too dote on his fragile wife. Doris did walk again, although always with a cane and she did have two beautiful children, Benji and Rebecca. She lived to see them almost grown before she passed on, from a third battle with disease.
As we always signed the many notes we passed back and forth in class...Love always,

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