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In Memory

Harry Lazare







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10/16/15 07:01 PM #1    

Michele See (Simon)

So very sorry to hear this. Did several plays with Harry. Very fuuny guy. Always made me laugh. Fun to be around. I only have positive memories of Harry. RIP old friend.

10/16/15 07:49 PM #2    

Charlie Mala

What can I say about Harry that he didn't already know. We were friends, very good friends in high school and I spent all our 4 years with Sol, Art, and Harry every single Friday night talking, joking, making movies, doing plays, painting murals on his basement wall and playing pool. He was a very unique person. He had great insight, was very complex and truly intellegent. For all the time we were together we never had a cross word. "Unique" doesn't really do justice to explain Harry. He was much more than that.

There are few people I can honestly say I loved in this life. Harry is one of only a few people I really felt and feel that way about. He is one of a small group of very special "soulmates" that I could tell anything to and know he could "feel" what I was saying.

We only pass once in this life. I was one of the lucky ones. I could call Harry Lazare my good dear friend. I will think of him always.

10/17/15 12:51 AM #3    

Jack Maltagliati

 Saddened to hear of Harry Lazares passing.  We sat next to each oTher in a few classes which was fortunate for me. My script skills were not the greatest and I noticed Harry always printed; printed as fast as anyone could write. He explained to me that he was not the best script writer, so he printed. That was  8th grade, as I recall, and I have printed ever since. Later in years we often reminissed that writing problem. He also bailed me out with my spelling skills.

Yes, as with many people he met  left an ever lasting impression on me.

He will be missed. HARRY, GOD BLESS YOU!

10/17/15 02:40 PM #4    

Loretta Hughes (Louviere)

So sad to hear this! I also spent many many hours with Art, Harry Charlie and Sol at Harry's house during high school. Harry was a true hipster...along with the other three guys. They knew it and I knew it... and we knew we knew it. Harry gave me the albumn Twist With Ray Charles. It is one albums that I still have from 1962...maybe the only one. Harry was such an extremely special guy. Gigantic heart and soul...I LOVED him! So glad I was able to see him at one of our last reunions. RIP dear Harry...the world is a sadder place now that you are gone. I truly hope you are jamming in Heaven somewhere!!!

10/20/15 05:04 AM #5    

Cynthia King

Thinking about the gang in Harry's basement - very special. And who remembers: "But Sol doesn't smoke"

10/20/15 06:32 PM #6    

Charlie Mala

I do!

10/21/15 11:39 AM #7    

Cynthia King

Excellent. We chanted, snapped our fingers and our eyes were burning from the smoke in the basement...

10/21/15 12:32 PM #8    

Loretta Hughes (Louviere)

I do too, Cynthia! :) I remember the burning, the snapping, the chanting and the hypnotic state it put us all in just knowing that "Sol wouldn't smoke!" XOX!!!

10/22/15 09:35 AM #9    

Cynthia King

It wasa definitive moment - all these many years later it's still seared in my brain! So happy that we all shared it...

10/23/15 12:24 PM #10    

Loretta Hughes (Louviere)

Here's to Harry and his wonderful family for hosting us all those years ago! So grateful to have known Harry Lazare. 

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