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In Memory

Pat Trecartin (Compettille)







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04/09/21 10:57 AM #1    

Sharon Garber (Crump)

dear friend, we shared so many memories when we were younger. The sadness that I felt when I heard of your passing is deep and almost like that of a "sister".  We lost that specialness as we took different paths but, I will always cherish the time we shared. Dear friend always, Rest In Peace. Love Sharon

04/09/21 03:14 PM #2    

Ken Haas

Sorry to hear of her passing. I fondly remember winning a Cha-Cha dance contest with her as my partnerin grade school.

Ken Haas


04/10/21 06:58 PM #3    

Michele See (Simon)

So sorry to hear of Pat's passing. We used to go to Palisades Amusement Park and lay on the hot boards by the pool diving boards in the summer and watch the boys show off. Fun Fun Girl. We both had our little transistor radios tuned to the same channel and we'd sing as we tanned.

04/12/21 08:17 AM #4    

Lyle Hatch

I am very saddened to hear about her passing. My first memory of her was that our families shared the same party line, for us youngins that remember those telephone times, that we occarionally and "accidently" of course overheard other conversations.This prompted many personal conversations and attempting to schedule our "accidental" listening on a timely basis. She was a genuine person that shared with all her warmth and charm. May Our Lord Jesus Christ continue to watch over her in God's heavenly kingdom.

God Bless,


04/18/21 11:22 PM #5    

Sandi Bruno (Mineo-Rust)

This is especially sad for me to hear as Pat was one of the people that made friends with me when I entered PHS in senior year - and that in its self is very hard. I will always remember her smile, she was always a good listener and always seemed to make a hard situation better or at least got me laughinh 

I lived just up the hill from her home on Spring Valley on Kaywin.  I really do not know how our friendship developed but I remember so many times just hanging out, talking, doing hair, makeup, complaining about our siblings.  I had a part time job at the bakery ?Trautsch? on Forest   I'd get in trouble when she'd come in cause we'd talk and hang out and I ghot in trouble cause I would clean the same class display for an hour. So many memories of double dating  and the many required trips up to NY state- ?Long Pond?.and trips to the shore.

We remained friends after highschool for a few  years more. we both moved to Morris County .  She married Lou Competeille and they lived in an area off the 10 - ?Denville? I too was living in morris county in Roxbury Township so we were in touch for a few more years before I moved to California in '78.

Aww sweet funny Pat.  It would be nice if we had reconnected at some point but it did not happen.  I hope her passing was not long lived.

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