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•   Frank Fatovic  6/22
•   Ed Drucker  6/26
•   Bob Preyss  6/26
•   Joyce Dick  6/28
•   Georgette Murdock (Ungemah)  6/28
•   Chuck Reid  6/28
•   Terry Jaffie (McGrath)  6/29
•   Nancy Lee Carter  7/5
•   Rich Gravier  7/5
•   Laurie Bernstein (Schwinger)  7/9
•   Jane Marzell  7/11
•   Andy Dunn  7/13
•   Janis Fox  7/15
•   Dennis Kocse  7/20










Happy Birthday to:    

  • Bob Weissner - June 2nd (belated)
  • Greg Gan - June 8th
  • Charlie Mala - June 9th
  • Eugenia Diaz - June 12th
  • Dave Brody - June 19th
  • Frank Fatovic - June 22nd
  • Ed Drucker - June 26th
  • Joyce Dick - June 28th
  • Chuck Reid - June 28th
  • Terry Jafie - June 29th




This Month's Photo Op of the Month was taken just two hours ago at Scoma's in San Francisco with Howie Kirker, Bob Weber, and Kenny Tashian.  It was a bon voyage celebration for Howie Kirker who with his wife Collette, are pulling up stakes and headed to Arizona.  They shouldn't be too far from Dave Wollenberg, Charlie Mala, and Eugenia Diaz.


They plan is for them to move in August, with Howie returning to the Bay Area in a few months to fly his open cockpit Great Lakes to Arizona.  His first stop will be in Novato, CA to pick me up for the journey.  That will be a great story.




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Photo Op of the Month

June 2018




 Fisherman's Wharf

San Francisco, CA

June 5, 2018