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In Memory

Art Vorob

Art Vorob

Sol, Harry Lazare and I were very close friends with Art in high school. As you may remember he played "Fred" in "A Big Fat Old Rat" because I thought he was perfect for the part. He was part of the 4 of us when we made "Gang War" and of course he was always the most unpredictable of the group! Art was the most devoted friend anyone could ever have! Whatever he had was yours and he meant it! He passed away over 6 years ago from a heart attack and my biggest regret is that we never got to be together again for a reunion. I know we all think we have plenty of time, but we don't. There are probably a lot of people out there that we say we plan to contact but think we have "plenty of time". Then one day the person you always meant to talk to connect with again is gone. Art Vorob was my friend and I really do miss him.

Charlie Mala

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09/25/09 12:02 PM #1    

Loretta Hughes (Louviere)

I want to echo Charlie Mala's sentiments. I loved Art and I count myself extremely fortunate to have been friends with Art and that fabulous foursome...Art, Harry, Sol and Charlie.

They were PHS's own Marx Bros. (in my humble opinion).

Art had a sense of humor that was so all his own! ( I think he may have even had his own language!!!)

I'm also sad that there wont be a reunion of our own Fab Four.

Art you are so missed!

Loretta (Hughes) Louviere

09/28/09 06:36 AM #2    

Lyle Hatch

My memories of Art brings a smile to my face and a laugh echoing from my vocal chords. In more recent times he was friend of my first wife's cousin's husband Gene Winne. Gene owned Accurate Lock on Main St, Hackensack. Art was also related to that business and became a good friend to Gene. The Art stories that were shared at our family gatherings are archived in my mind forever. Unfortunately Gene lost contact with him about seven years ago. Two years ago I ran into Sol Gladstein at a local gym in Midland Park and he informed me about Art's passing. The best way to summarize Art is THAT HE WAS A FRIEND TO ALL!

10/03/09 07:55 PM #3    

Harry Lazare

Well it's october 3, 2009 and I just found out that Artie died a number of years ago. What can you say..... he was one of the funniest, nuttiest guys on the planet. He, Charlie, Sol and I had laughs that have rarely been duplicated on this earth..... The Malavor cafe.... but Sol wouldn't smoke.... Gang War, acting out candid camera like skits in stores... the list is endless.

One less good hearted lunitic in our world.... I know it's been a long time since you died and you never even made it to 60. The world is worse off for your passing

10/04/09 11:26 AM #4    

Ronni Prezalar (Goldman)

Art was a gentle man, a clown and a supportive friend. His family and close friends will miss him dearly. Lorraine

12/07/14 08:23 PM #5    

Ken Tashian


Art Vorob; the big guy, the funny guy, the star of "Gang War," and everybody's friend.  Just seeing him come down the hall made me laugh.  He always had a story to tell, and when he told it, he was animated and made you feel as though you were there.


His premature passing was a great loss for all of us who knew him.  Those who didn't know him were denied the opportunity to see him in action.  He would have been the master of ceremonies at most of our reunions, if not all of them.  He was our very own Rodney Dangerfield.




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